Digital Painting #11

A gust of damp air brushed against her cheek. She stirred, slowly opening her eyes to gaze out across the dunes, and gasped. The horizon was a roiling mass of amethyst clouds, quietly smothering the sun. Stray blades of light pierced through, scattering across the broken landscape and glinting on the edges of the menhirs. Above the vista, blurred hues of orange and purple surrendered to velvet black. Hundreds of thousands of stars studded the night, a twinkling shroud to cover her world. She didn’t bother to wipe away the tears this time, letting them cascade freely down her cheeks. Which were greater, she wondered? The stars above? Or the grains of sand below? She laughed, allowing herself a precious moment of absurdity. Softly, the tears fell from where they pooled on her chin to the dust below. A presence behind her and the smile faded. It was the sorcerer. Her captor.

“Storm’s coming.”

Painting #11 started out as a desire to bring an idea to life. My partner and I have a tradition of going to a local bookstore on Sundays, getting a cup of coffee or beer, and working. I often find myself daydreaming and coming up with bits of story, imagined landscapes, and whatever else bubbles up that day. Lately I’ve been curating these scraps of ideas and slowly stitching together a cohesive world from them. It was on one of these Sundays that I dreamt up this landscape.

Progress on number eleven, which I’ve unofficially dubbed “Storm’s Coming”, was a slow crawl for most of the summer. During the hot months my staggered work schedule as a developer doesn’t lend itself to my usual routines of burning the midnight oil and painting into the night. That’s the excuse I’ve made, anyway. I’m fairly happy with the outcome of this piece, and had a lot of fun working on the clouds. I also vastly underestimated how to paint galaxies and space, so I expect to try my hand at that again in the future.