Andrew Maul

Designer & Developer


Hi there. My name is Andrew Maul, and I'm a front-end developer and game designer. My other interests include writing, painting, and photography.

I have professional experience in web-, game-, and curriculum-development industries. In my spare time I'm probably working on a landscape painting, my board game HeroCraft, or my novel A Life of Rogues. On my blog I post updates for my side projects, as well as anything new or interesting I've learned. Take a look!

I love great design, and I'm always looking for opportunities to grow. Check out my resume and if you're interested in my work let me know!

Latest Blog Post

Digital Painting #10

Monday, March 27, 2017

Painting #10 was a big accomplishment. I’m at around 1.5 years into my painting journey at this point, and I’ve made pretty decent progress when you compare them against each other. For this piece I wanted to go big or go home. In January I had the idea of making something for my brother’s birthday, which is the end of March, leaving me a solid three months to push myself. My brother was on board with the idea and requested a forest scene. Before I ramble too much more, here’s the finished piece.

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