Andrew Maul

Designer & Developer


Web App

Link to Demo
Adventure.js is a personal project I started with two goals: practice working with javascript objects/inheritance and jQuery in general. What better environment to practice that than a game? Games have a lot of overhead, though, so I opted to create a simple text-adventure. It's browser-based, contains a handful of "rooms" to explore, and even a monster to fight!


Google Chrome Extension

Link to Github
SynoScrape is a Google Chrome extension I wrote as a learning project. I wanted to create a thesaurus-like application that provided me with synonyms to words I selected on the web. SynoScrape works by storing and sanitizing the user's highlighted text down to a single word. Then it uses the Yahoo Query Language to set up a cross-domain ajax request to From there it extracts up to ten synonyms and serves them back through a browser alert box. For more information click the link above which will take you to the Github page.

Dice Roller

Web App

Link to Demo
Dice Roller started out as practice in writing JavaScript. I decided to remake the very first program I ever wrote: a dice-rolling simulation in visual basic. After I scripted the functionality for a cube I decided to push it as far as I could and recreate all six of the original D&D dice. Currently fully-functional in Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Mauler Monsters, LLC.

Website & Marketing

Link to Website
Mauler Monsters, LLC. is a small business that manufactures the Zombie Hugger™ costume line. They needed a small business website, logo design, and marketing materials created to launch their business at a tradeshow. Here are a few examples of the work I've done, which includes six 40" x 60" posters, signs, business cards, invoices, and more.

I designed the website to showcase the incredible detail of their product. The site is fully responsive, including support for the embedded video, and uses PayPal's shopping cart features to handle online transactions.

HeroCraft: Ascendant's Path

Board Game

Link to Imgur Gallery
HeroCraft is a two-to-six player board game in which players build a hero from Attributes and adventure through the land of Crucible. Players may play cooperatively and party-up, remain neutral and explore independently, or even backstab and raid each other. The goal of the game is to acquire ten Power, which can be done by slaying Heroic Monsters, completing Quests, and finding long-lost Relics.

HeroCraft has undergone extensive play-testing over several years and is now fully entrenched in the art production phase. A website will be launched to explain the game and garner interest as I continue to work toward the ultimate goal of manufacturing and selling.

In the meanttime, though, the link above takes you to an image dump of cards I've acquired artwork for. Enjoy!